Industry Engagement

Work with Us

To become a member of CITES with full voting rights, an organization contributes $50,000 in annual support. At least 90% of these funds will be used toward research activities, as the administrative costs of the Center are mostly funded by NSF. Associate and affiliate membership tiers are also available, with options for in-kind sharing contributing towards non-voting membership. See the Membership Structure for a full view of all tiers and associated benefits, roles, and activities.

Membership is renewed on an annual basis. We expect a decision maker to be involved in semi-annual Industry Advisory Board meetings. Additionally, industry partners maximize their benefit by nominating one or two professional staff to work with researchers on projects of particular interest.

Members are entitled to a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to all software developed through CITES research. Members also have the right to enhance and re-market this software with negotiated royalties due to CITES.

A shared safe vehicle for interaction with others in your industry, others in industries that you serve or are served by, and government agencies. Intellectual property benefits generated through the research is a function of your membership tier. Using a private funding model outside of membership fees you can task CITES researchers to cost-effectively solve specific problems you define. You have direct access to our students, with opportunities to attract interns and develop your workforce with students already knowledgeable about your domain. Finally, you will gain the value of research that is synergistic across industry players and industry types.